About Us

About Us

Aalia - Luxury Hotel and Resort

The Experience at Aalia

Aalia offers an unparalled intimate experience while providing an impeccable level of service, discreet and unobtrusive.

Unique in concept and execution, Aalia has the distinction of being the only luxury hotel situated right on the banks of the majestic Ganges in an area steeped in culture, spirituality and sacred legend. It offers world-class accommodation that epitomises elegance and gracious living, set in acres of verdant foliage around pristine reserve forests, bringing you closer to nature.

Its commitment to exclusivity and privacy, stunning natural surroundings, exceptional facilities and outstanding attention to subtle details make Aalia a perfect getaway for the most discerning of travellers. From the thrill of world-class white-water rafting at nearby Rishikesh, or trail-blazing down uncharted paths on All Terrain Vehicles, or the excitement of Africa-style jungle safaris to soul-stirring rituals and Aartis by the banks of the holy river bringing you closer to the divine, Aalia offers something for everyone. Whether you want to use the corporate board room, simply relax in the sophisticated ambience of the Cigar Lounge with the finest cognac, pamper yourself with a blissful massage at the spa, or take a rejuvenating dip in the majestic Ganges, every visit to Aalia will offer you something new, something undiscovered. Aalia is yours to make what you want of it.

JPL Hospitality

JPL Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd is headed by Mr. Aditya Paul Lakhanpal and Mr. Arjun Paul Lakhanpal who are involved in many other business areas in Real Estate Development, etc. apart from Hospitality. The company was set up in 2011 and the first resort under the brand name of Aalia has been launched in Haridwar with many more to come across the country. The next property will come up under the same name in Goa. The head office of the company is situated at New Delhi.